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Weapons used by the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar
There is a lot of speculation going around as to what kind of weapons the Knights Templar. Some claim they only used swords, shields, and bows and arrows. While others claim the Knights Templar has more sophisticated weapons that can rival some of the weapons we have today.

A Look at the Sword

The sword is the most useful weapon of the middle age. It has the power to go hand to hand in combat that has been lost today. Swords can vary in shape and size depending on the day and age, and upon the user. Every Knight had a preference as to what kind of sword they would like to use.

The Flame thrower

In a study done by the History Channel, the flame thrower was replicated by a blacksmith who was familiar with the customs of the time. The blacksmith was able to make the flame thrower in the form of a trumpet that would spew fire upon its enemies. This caused fear in all those who would cause the Knights Templar grief.

The Fire Ball

Another weapon that was used by the Knights Templar that involved fire was the fire ball. A ball made of a heavy substance would be coated with a liquid quite like gasoline and tar. Acting like greek fire, people would be unable to put out the flames. This ball would then be thrown down at their enemies and cause mayhem wherever it was thrown.

The Truth

It is hard to know what the Knights Templar really used. Countless records have been kept about these famous people, but it is difficult to tell if the accounts are authentic. The sword and shield were most likely used, but whether the flame thrower or the fire ball were used remains to be seen.

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